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The International Associational Body for
the Narcissistic Abuse Counseling Field

Field Development Accomplishments and Contributions

Field Development Accomplishments and Contributions Field Development Work 1980s-1990s Founded a Personality Disorder Program and created a dual-focus track for partners and children of Personality Disorders Began data collections and mapping of relational dynamics identified as ‘Pathological Relationships’ (today called Narcissistic and Psychopathic Abuse) Worked on re-development of inpatient Women’s Trauma/Women’s Personality Disorder Inpatient unit, […]


Clinical Certification “Clinical Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Professional” Currently, The Association is working on a clinical certification as a ‘Clinical Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Professional’ (exact title is pending).  The certification process is in the works but it does take some time for it to have any ‘meaning’ or ‘teeth’ in it.  We are working with a […]


Narcissistic/Psychopathic Abuse: The Clinician’s Guide to the New Field of Traumatic Pathological Love Relationships This training became available in July 2021 as a digital online two-day in- depth training. Take it at your convenience. This training is a pre-requisite for not only the next training coming up in late 2021, Treating the Survivor of Narcissistic […]

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