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Clinical Certification

"Clinical Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Professional"

Currently, The Association is working on a clinical certification as a ‘Clinical Narcissistic Abuse Trauma Professional’ (exact title is pending).  The certification process is in the works but it does take some time for it to have any ‘meaning’ or ‘teeth’ in it.  We are working with a certification company to develop the Certification Standards by which a person will qualify and be measured competent for offering professional care. 

The exact qualification or pre-requisites are still being determined. Here is what we know so far:

  1. It requires a master’s degree or higher in a psychology or psychology-related field at an accredited institution. 
  2. It requires Trauma Certification. 
  3. It requires the taking and passing of our course, The Clinician’s Guide, with either The Association or
  4. It requires taking and passing our course coming soon– Treating the Survivor of Narcissistic and Psychopathic Abuse: A Clinical, Evidence-Based, Best Practices, and Trauma-Informed Model of Care Approach.
  5. If the certification company deems any other courses by The Association or others to be part of the Certification Standards, then that would be required. (Information pending.)

For any courses you currently take and pass, we will hold that info in our database for future application (if applicable) to the certification. Certification does entail a fee determined by the certification company and will require CEs to maintain certification. (Information pending).

Professionals Referral Network

Helping Survivors Find You

Those who meet the criteria listed above for certification — who take the required courses, pass the required testing, and pay the required certification fees — will be listed in our Professionals Referral Network as ‘certified’ in the standardized model of care approach on The Association’s website as a service to survivors.  

This assures treatment-seeking survivors that you are a clinically trained mental health professional, who is trained in trauma, which is their main diagnostic treatment issue and that you have been trained in an evidenced-based, trauma-informed care, best practices standardized model of care that has been assessed for treatment reliability. 

Those who remain in good standing with updated CEs can apply to remain listed on the Professionals Referral Network. 

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