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Media Content Development and Mentorship Program

As of 2023, The Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment, has trained in excess of 12,000+ therapists in a standardized model of care or ‘Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Protocols.’ The growing field of therapists have indicated they need ‘trauma-informed’ recovery media resources for their clients.

This includes resources such as blogs, social media pages, videos, websites, books, etc. that contain content suitable for survivors of trauma, such as in narcissistic abuse. The Narcissistic Abuse Media Association has done examinations of the existing media content in these venues, noting what therapists said about most content not being ‘trauma-informed,’ despite most of the media are produced by trauma survivors of narcissistic abuse.

To best serve trauma survivors in this genre of care to prevent re-traumatization on these sites, and to help bring trauma-informed resources to the 12,000+ therapists seeking them, The Narcissistic Abuse Media Association has:

  • Provided an introductory Workshop that details a basic understanding of the importance of ‘trauma-informed’ media for those sites that primarily cater to trauma survivors.
  • And for media producers desiring to be trauma-informed and a recommended site, offers a year-long online media mentorship program that provides deep training with direction on revamping existing media sites, or creating new ones, to become trauma-informed resources for survivors and therapist referrals.

Direction, training, and mentoring are delivered through:

Additional Workshops

Six training workshops a year are included. 

Can’t attend? For those who have a subscription, view the recorded training workshop at your convenience.

  • Referencing outcomes of Narcissistic Abuse (Trauma and the Trauma Study—how to use it)
  • Combining ‘telling with solutions’
  • Utilizing the most traumatized reader as a gauge
  • Pack mentality in media and it’s unconscientious outcomes
  • How to educate using full spectrum pathology
  • The triggering of sensationalism in language, imagery, and topic

The workshops always include a Q&A with Sandra so you can ask your content development and approach issues directly. 

  • Or do you need a resource for a particular reader’s situation? Sandra is available in the workshops to help you. 
  • Can’t attend? Pre-submit your question to have it answered in the workshop in your absence. Then just listen to the workshop later. 

Plus, a free BONUS Workshop

  • A free BONUS video (coming out summer of 2023) on legal issues: the varying forms of plagiarism, copyright (how to protect your work and avoid infringement on other’s work), how and when to cite others and why, and the quality of those you should seek TO cite. 

A Monthly Newsletter

  • A free monthly newsletter that includes — a topic or method each month that helps you produce a trauma-informed and a recovery-oriented site or content. 
  • Pathology accurate, trauma-sensitive, recovery-method-oriented–these topics and methods are evidence-based and are generated out of ‘Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Protocols’ so you are sure of its quality and safeness for your readership. 
  • Recycle these ideas and content (with citation) in your own content. 

‘Sandra-Selected’ Resources for Your Readership

  • The monthly newsletter will also include ‘Sandra-Selected’ resources you can share with your readership that have already been checked to be quality resources for this population.
  • Resources include other sites, social media, memes, videos, books, websites, articles, interesting research, program, and services, etc.
  • Reduce your anxiety about the quality, accuracy, and applicability to your readership by having reliable resources delivered to your inbox monthly for you to reuse.

A Private Facebook Group

  • A private Facebook group allows access to ask for help in slanting your content to remain trauma-sensitive, psychopathology accurate, and recovery-oriented.
  • Have access to other media producers for input, suggestions, support, and resources.
  • Writing your own book, articles, courses, or materials? Get input on what to include and exclude to remain trauma-informed and remain integrity-oriented in narcissistic abuse recovery protocols.

Member Emblem

  • For those who complete the program and remain in good standing and in compliance with the media protocols, you are given an emblem for your site/product as a member in good standing with The Narcissistic Abuse Media Association which you can proudly display that helps survivors identify you as a safe, trauma-informed site.

Media Checklist (Download)

  • A copy of our ‘ABC’s Checklist to Developing High Educational, Trauma-Informed and Recovery Value Media for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse—36 suggestions to keep media producers on the right path

Site/Product Assessments Available

  • To help support over 12,000 therapists trained who are also looking for reliable, consistent, trauma-informed sites to refer clients to that adhere to recovery protocols and are absent of triggering dialogue, imagery, and topics—
  • Media producers who adhere to media standards and would like to have their site/products assessed for recommendations to this growing base of our network, can apply for assessment (additional fee).
  • Assessments are done during specific times each year and look back at products/sites over a several month period. (Inquire if you want to be put on the list for assessment).

Listing as 'Preferred and Referred’ Site on The Narcissistic Abuse Media Association Page/The Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment, Research & Education website

  • Sites/products that have been trained, remain in good compliance standing will be listed as Preferred and Referred sites for trauma-informed information for the narcissistic abuse field.

Content Development and Mentorship Program:

The year-long program is $499 yearly billed at $41.58 a month and includes:

  • Workshops
  • Monthly Newsletter (topic specific)
  • Sandra Selected Resources monthly
  • Private FB group
  • Checklist download
  • Availability of paid site/product assessment
  • Member Emblem
  • Successful candidates are listed on ‘referred’ and ‘preferred’ site for therapists

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