Are You a Survivor?

If you are a survivor, we are glad you found us but please know that the Association and this website are for the training of licensed mental health professionals. Please do not sign up to receive our mailings as they are for therapists to become trained in working with survivors of NPD/Psychopathy trauma.

We are still developing the training at this time — we’ve been making GREAT progress! Once we are done, this website will house a database of therapists trained by the Association. You will be able to use the database to select a therapist. We anticipate that the training will be done sometime later in 2020, with the database being published in 2021. Please check back.

In the meantime, you may want to contact Bree Bonchay, a therapist who serves on our Board of Advisors. (The other Board members do not provide therapy, so please do not contact them.) Please note that Bree is not a pro bono therapist.

Ultimately, YOU are the reason that the Association exists and the reason we are working so hard to train professional therapists to best help you. We look forward to providing trained therapists in the near future for your recovery needs.  Thank you.