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How to Find a Therapist

or Tweak Yours To Make Them Do Effective Work in Narcissistic Abuse

an On-Demand Workshop by Sandra Brown, M.A.

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An on-demand, take-at-your-own-convenience workshop on: “How to Find a Therapist or Tweak Yours To Make Them Do Effective Work in Narcissistic Abuse.”

· Learn 14 must-knows for getting the right kind of therapist, skip costly mistakes that cost you time, money, and trauma-worsening

· What are the questions that reveal true skills and expertise, and how to interview like a pro.

· Do you have a therapist who is lackluster or stuck in your storyline and NOT teaching you methods for symptom management? — What you need to ask for in a session, how to self-direct sessions, how to be an educated and pro-active client.

· What is the best order of treatment to give you the best possible outcomes?

· What can you expect with certain methods of treatment like EMDR?

· When to say NO to adjunct services they might recommend like support groups.

· What assessments you should insist on for the right approach for your needs?

· What is essential in treatment if you have trauma?

2.0-hour workshop chocked-full of tips to rule out the wrong therapist, find the right one, differentiate therapists who haven’t been clinically trained for this work and likely learned from other bloggers, and how to guide the therapist you might have to work deeply on what you need most.

Cost: 24.99 


Sandra L. Brown, MA is called the pioneer of the pathological relationships/narcissistic abuse field and has been the leading field and treatment developer for this emerging genre of counseling and trainer of therapists for this population.


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