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When Children Turn Away

After Narcissistic Exposure

an On-Demand Workshop by Sandra Brown, M.A.

Graphic illustration of woman looking away toward a child in the distance

Nothing is more painful than the alienation and trauma that happens from narcissistic abuse, especially when it has occurred to your children. Families are inevitably harmed by a pathological parent beginning in a child’s childhood, which can span into adulthood, leaving the family blown apart.

On the surface, it may seem like a simple understanding—pathological people cause harm. But understanding what is, or has, happened to a young child or teen, or the effects of that on an adult child, is complex–from the overlay of effects from cognitive dissonance, trauma bonds, trauma such as PTSD, gaslighting, and attachment disruption, to child development.

In this two-part workshop series, narcissistic abuse field pioneer Sandra L. Brown, MA helps parents concretely understand the layering foundational effects from pathological exposure and its critical impact on relational bonds in both children and adult children.

Part one focuses on the psychological and cognitive effects of a multi-layer impact that can cause long-term alterations to children and their relationships—now and in adulthood. Drawing from science in victimology, trauma, attachment theory, and atypical trauma (cognitive dissonance and trauma bonding), she describes the impact of pathology exposure and the resulting symptoms in children and their development.

Part two focuses on the missed milestones and traumatic impact on adult functioning and the functional and relational symptoms. Also discussed are the genetic aspects of pathology that can be passed down in heredity.

Created for survivors, but also helpful for therapists, this workshop is an important understanding of the impact to help your children today, to understand your adult children, or your own history.

Cost: $45

Part 2: Coming Soon!

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