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Sandra Brown, MA

Research on Survivors of Psychopaths

Call for Participants: Research on Survivors of Psychopaths Sandra is serving as Advisor Consultant for a new study being conducted by Jayne Dales-Tibbott, doctoral researcher

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History of the Field

The History of the Narcissistic & Psychopathic Abuse and Relationship Field Copyright © 2019 by Sandra L. Brown, MA, The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction 

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Identifying PLRs: Introduction

Four Key Elements To Identifying a Pathological Love Relationship: A Teaching Series on PLRs Article One: Introduction Copyright (c) 2016-2019 by Sandra Brown, M.A. Research

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The Undetected Victim

The Undetected Victim Introduction: The Undetected Victim A Skewed Fascination with Pathology The world’s interest seems to be about extremes–the worst anything…mass tragedies, political messes,

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Understanding Relationship Theory

Understanding Relationship Theory (See our page, The Undetected Victim, for a detailed discussion of mis, dis, and non-identification of the victims and partner pathology). What has

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