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Trauma-Informed Media Workshop

To Prevent Re-traumatization of Your Readership

For bloggers, coaches, therapists, meme-makers, video-makers, and writers who create content (or allow content by others on their sites), this workshop teaches how to create content that aligns with ‘Narcissistic Abuse Media Protocols and Guidelines’ from a pioneer of the ‘Narcissistic/Psychopathic/Pathological Relationship’ field and treatment/recovery developer.

Learn what the safety protocols are that should be followed in creating content for survivors focusing on developed safety standards utilizing The S.T.O.P.S. Method for conscientious, integrity-oriented, and non-traumatizing media production. Do you know the ‘do’s and don’ts’?

The pre-recorded workshop includes:

  • Examples of safe and unsafe representations of media
  • What trauma-informed means within media
  • What a study of survivors indicated they need in recovery that all media should contain
  • Why survivors often unfollow media producers and what insensitive media DOES to survivors
  • How to be a ‘safe’ and recovery-oriented site
  • How to utilize The S.T.O.P.S Method for an easy measurement of how appropriate your postings/content are

Approximately, two hours+ in length, this workshop gives specifics examples of trauma-activating media products and how to create a safe site for trauma survivor readership.

Workshop Cost: $40

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