The Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment, Research & Education is proud to announce the release of our six hour CE therapist training ‘Narcissistic and Psychopathic Abuse: The Clinician’s Guide to the New Field of Traumatic Pathological Love Relationships’ with PESI, the world’s largest mental/behavioral health CE provider.

We thank you for your patience as we have worked long and hard on developing a training that widely includes clinical, pathology-oriented, and trauma-focused curricula. This training is a core element training which is required to take other training programs that will be also offered in the future through The Association on specific session content for a 12-15 session approach (check back to this page—coming soon). On schedule for future training is also how to use Accelerated Reduction Therapy, NLP and Hypnosis in sessions.

The workshop will be a live online training with PESI on January 15, 2021.

The link to the workshop is:

There will be CEs offered for a fee. You can check the PESI website for disciplines covered. The page for the workshop will soon also list CE available (it currently says, ‘coming soon’).

Course Outline

Pathological Love Relationships
Personality Disorders and Their Application to Pathological Love Relationships
Relational Dynamics and Stages of PLRs
Survivor Personalities and Targeted Traits:
Critical Considerations for Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment
Trauma Symptoms and the Aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse:
Atypical Presentations of Trauma and Keys to Treating the Survivor

Therapists who complete the PESI training and our soon-to-be-released Clinical Sessions training are eligible to be placed on our Therapist Referral Database. (Trauma certification is required. This is trauma ‘work.’)

We hope you will become part of a rapidly growing new genre of counseling!

The Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment, Research & Education