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Identifying PLRs: Introduction

Four Key Elements To Identifying a Pathological Love Relationship: A Teaching Series on PLRs Article One: Introduction Copyright (c) 2016-2019 by Sandra Brown, M.A. Research guides understanding. Until cross-sectional findings, studies, and research on Pathological Love Relationships, the dynamics of these relationships fell predominantly under descriptors like domestic violence/abusive, dysfunctional, codependent, or addictive. These broad […]

The Undetected Victim

The Undetected Victim Introduction: The Undetected Victim A Skewed Fascination with Pathology The world’s interest seems to be about extremes–the worst anything…mass tragedies, political messes, or outrageous celebrity behavior. So, it’s hard to imagine that something like the private underworld of the personal lives of the most extreme humans, representing the most extreme danger, has […]

Understanding the Personality Science and Trait Elevations of Survivors

Understanding the Personality Science and Trait Elevations of Survivors Other factors have contributed to the mis-, dis-, and non-identification of Pathological Love Relationships and atypical trauma related to theoretical assumptions commonly assigned to these survivors related to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) theories and stereotypical victim profiles. In the article on this website, ‘The Unidentified Victim,’ […]

Understanding the Traumatic Injurious Aftermath

Understanding the Traumatic Injurious Aftermath The survivors call it ‘aftermath’ – or more accurately ‘after wrath’ – the specific presentation of their unique trauma injury. As the President of the Association and CEO of The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction, I have been engaged in trauma treatment of survivors for over 30 years. Other Board […]

Understanding Relationship Theory

Understanding Relationship Theory (See our page, The Undetected Victim, for a detailed discussion of mis, dis, and non-identification of the victims and partner pathology). What has been absent in this new emerging genre of counseling psychology regarding NPD/Anti-Social/Psychopathy survivor treatment, is a cohesive theory about how these relationship dynamics are different and why. The Institute’s history […]

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