A new genre of counseling is emerging to serve survivor partners of NPD/psychopathic partners.


Over the last decade new studies, books authored by mental health professionals, research, and theories about these relational paradigms have driven and guided the evolution of this genre. We created the Association for NPD/Psychopathy Survivor Treatment, Research, and Education to give structure to this new field-specific genre, and to guide and encourage practitioners, clinicians, and researchers.

The Association exists to:

  • provide professionals a field theory related to survivors of NPD and psychopathic relationships,
  • develop a national Model of Care clinical treatment approach,
  • encourage continuing research on survivors and related impact, and
  • establish educational approaches for outreach for survivors of NPD relationships.


Although individual practitioners have worked in the field, until now there has been no formalized theory, model of care approach, or systematic educational avenue that cohesively has corralled the information about the topic in an active, associational format. Selecting resources from field-tested practitioners, researchers, neuropsychologists, and consultants, we have gathered those who have worked in the genre to create the first association of this kind, with this vision, and with these goals.

     The goals of the Association are:

  • to develop a theory related to the relational dynamics, personality traits/personality, and trauma/aftermath symptomatology of survivors of NPD/Psychopath partners
  • to develop a collaborative treatment Model of Care approach for symptomatology of survivors of NPD/Psychopathic partners
  • to provide professional training to clinicians to utilize the Model of Care approach
  • to continue research on survivors of NPD/Psychopaths

The Association will provide Trauma Informed Care coupled with Psychopathology Informed Educational practices that include trauma sensitivity and treatment approaches coupled with partner psychopathology education.


The Association seeks Master’s Degree and higher practitioners in a related psychology/social work field with certified trauma training who are interested in joining the Association for attaining Model of Care training for the trauma-informed care and evidence-based treatment of this population, practitioners who are interested in continued research on survivors, those interested in attaining training on educational outreach in their communities, and those interested in furthering the purpose and mission of the Association.


If you are a survivor, we are glad you found us but please know that the Association and this website are for the training of mental health professionals. Please visit this page for more information about how to find help now, and how the Association will be able to help survivors later.